Clinton County Project Designed to Spur Economic Development

Construction will begin this Spring on a project many hope could be an economic catalyst for Clinton County and the City of Frankfort. A new intersection at State Road 28 and County Road 800 W, just east of I-65, promises to roll out a welcome mat for new commercial development.

“The interchange is one of the last undeveloped interchanges along I-65,” says Alan Dunn, president of the Clinton County Council. “It represents the single best opportunity for long-term economic development in the county. The return on investment could be astronomical as it has the potential to provide a larger tax base and new jobs.”

Construction on a roundabout at State Road 28 and County Road 800 W is set for this Spring. The project will also include a new leg of 800 W on the southside of State Road 28 to open it up for further expansion. The project is currently out for bids. Renderings are attached.

“Both roads will remain open, but there will be some lane closures on State Road 28,” says Chris Wheatley, Vice President of BF&S Civil Engineers. “We would expect the project to be substantially complete by Thanksgiving.”

Clinton County also spent $30 million to install water and sewer to the area in 2021.

“Being shovel ready for development opportunities is a critical part of attracting new business,” says Shan Sheridan, president of the Clinton County Chamber of Commerce. “Site selection decisions used to be made over several months, they are now made in a few short weeks. The lack of utilities in that area was the biggest impediment to developing it.”

The project has already drawn the attention of Good Oil Company who owns the BP fueling station on the southeast corner of the I-65 and State Road 28 intersection. Good Oil recently announced that it would invest $30 million in a 20,000 square foot event center, a 5,000-seat arena, and a 200-site RV campground. A second phase will include a distillery, retail village, and hotel. The project has been dubbed “Banderas Point.”

“We’re so grateful that Good Oil sees the economic potential in this area and is willing to make a hefty investment in our community,” says Jordan Brewer, president of the Clinton County Commissioners. “This project will definitely enhance our quality of place by creating an entertainment district that will include events like riding competitions, concerts, and festivals. We’re hopeful Good Oil’s investment in our community will spark economic interest from other businesses.”

An economic development plan created by the county in 2017 identified light industrial, retail, technology, research, and agribusiness as desired business sectors for growth in the area of the interchange.

“Our agricultural heritage is one of the core strengths of our community and has been a critical foundation of the economic success we have enjoyed,” Dunn adds. “We are excited that Banderas Point embraces this heritage and looks to build on it. We absolutely want to see continued growth in the County, but we want to ensure that growth is smart, well thought out, and complimentary of our community strengths. This project does that.”

The City of Frankfort will annex the area up to I-65 in 2024.

“Clinton County will only get one opportunity to define its gateway along Interstate 65,” adds Brewer. “This throws out the welcome mat and says, ‘We’re open for business.’ We can’t wait to introduce the state to our community.”


  1. For anyone who complains about “the construction”, they need to understand that for Frankfort to continue, it needs to grow. I do believe thought that there should be safety classes and videos by FPD, and the CCSD to show people “How to properly use a roundabout and why they are NOT “four way stops”….

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