Clinton County Schools Announce Plans Upon Return

Due to Clinton County becoming a ‘Red’ county on the State of Indiana’s Metrics map Wednesday, Kaspar Media sent out email requests to all four Clinton County schools and asked what their plans were when they returned to school on Monday, January 4. Here is what the schools said.

Frankfort Superintendent Joel McKinney

Frankfort schools will return to in-person school on Monday, January 4 for all students. School administration will monitor the data when we return to determine if adjustments need to be made.  Athletic events will continue with spectators limited to 2 family members per athlete.

Clinton Central Superintendent Al Remaly

Clinton County is now in the Red classification for community spread of the COVID19 virus. Due to this classification, we are making some adjustments to the school schedule for the junior/senior high school next week.

Clinton Central Jr/Sr High School will transition back to the hybrid schedule starting on Monday, January 4, 2021.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of next week will be GREEN days with Tuesday and Thursday being WHITE days. (High School Principal) Mr. (Brad) Smith will be emailing the students with this information before next Monday.

Clinton Central Elementary School will follow their regular schedule.

As we have continuously done, my administrative team will assess the COVID data and communicate with the health department. When schedule changes need to be adjusted, I will let you know as soon as possible.

It is very important that you communicate any positive cases with us or any attendance issues that arise due to your child being considered a close contact. Please email with this information.

Rossville Superintendent Jim Hanna

We are going to limit the attendance at athletic events to participants, support personnel, participants’  parents, guardians, siblings, and other minor children of a parent or guardian of the participants.

Teachers are scheduled to return on January 4, for professional development activities.  Those plans continue unchanged.  Additionally, on Tuesday, January 5, students are scheduled to return.  Those plans continue unchanged and we plan on face-to-face instruction.  We continually monitor the impact of COVID and contract tracing effects.  Our current data indicates our student population that was quarantined are eligible to return by January 5.  If students tested positive over winter break, parents should notify the school on Monday, January 4, and follow the quarantine guidelines until they are eligible to return.
Clinton Prairie Schools
We received no information from Clinton Prairie.


  1. So in other words, the red metric does not really mean much? It only effects small business again.

  2. No school with 500 cases in the county?? full school now?
    Something is driving these bad decision’s..i bet its $$$$$$$$$$..think if it..2020 clones 2021.$$$$$$$$ before life..
    These is no bigget carrier to the elderly then the student..this note means nothing money rules

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