Clinton County SWCD Announces Native Tree and Shrub Sale

The Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District recently launched its annual tree and shrub sale.  Each year, the CCSWCD offers a variety of quality container grown native trees and shrubs for sale.   Why plant native?   Once established native plants generally require less maintenance;  native plants are adapted to the local environmental conditions, they require far less water, saving time, money, and perhaps the most valuable natural resource, water;  by choosing native plants for your landscaping, you are not only helping wildlife, but you are creating a healthier place for yourself, your family, and your community.

Autumn is a great time to plant trees!  From the Morton Arboretum….”fall season planting (mid-August through mid-October) offers many advantages that may outweigh spring planting.  Transpiration is low and root generation potential is high.  Temperatures are typically moderate to cool, and are easier on the plants so there is less chance for the trees to be stressed by extreme heat.  The fall moisture (rains) help the trees and shrubs to establish their root systems.  When the air temperatures are cooler than the soil, new root growth is encouraged without new top growth.  The result is a stronger, better developed root system for the next spring when the plant begins to grow.”

All trees and shrubs are grown and shipped in 3-gallon containers.  Height is dependent on species of tree or shrub.  To request an order form please contact the CCSWCD at or call 765-659-1223, extension 3.   Or you may visit our website at to download an order form.  Orders must be placed with payment prior to September 17.   Tree pick-up is scheduled for Friday, September 24.   Any proceeds from the sale will be used to help fund ongoing conservation education efforts of the Clinton County Soil and Water Conservation District.