COACH Kids Holds Its Spring Celebration

Cheryl Pass, middle, talks with Community Hope Mentor of the Year presenter Kim Stevens. Pass on the Mentor of the Year as well as Legacy in Monitoring award at the Spring Celebration.
This is some of the capacity crowd that filled Arborwood for the COACH Kids Spirng Celebration last Thursday night.

COACH Kids was created in 2007 to fulfill a needs in Clinton County for a faith based mentoring program for at risk youth. Fifteen years later, it’s still going strong.

“COACH Kids is making a difference in Clinton County,” said Executive Director Susan Grasham at Thursday night’s Spring Celebration held at a jam-packed Arborwood.

Award winners were Larry Siders, who was named Local Heroes Adult Mentor of the Year, and Cheryl Pass, who claim two honors as she was named Community Hope Mentor of the Year as well as Legacy in Mentoring winner.

“I saw that there was so many kids in need and that our community needed support for the kids,” said Pass. “This was one way I could help one child. I can impact the life of one child.”

Local Heroes is school-based only where mentors meet their mentees usually over lunch with activities and resources provided and can expand outside school with permission. This is for 30 minutes a week.

The Community Hope program is community-based that has regular group events and activities with trainings ad resources being provided for a successful match. This is for 4-6 hours a month.

COACH Kids currently has 105 mentors in its program. Yet more is needed because there is more than 6,000 kids who range in age from 5 to 17.

Pass encouraged people to “take the adventure even though it’s not easy”.

Grasham was pleased with a comment made by one of the presenters of the evening, Kim Stevens.

“She talked about positivity and giving kids the power to change their own lives,” said Grasham. “To be able to make good change to change their community. It’s making connections across the community in such a way that it will influence it for decades to come.”

Grasham  also lauded those mentor.

“I just think mentors and people who support mentoring are the most special people because they love their own kids, but they love other people’s kids and that’s really remarkable,” said Grasham.

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  1. So neat to see this wonderful program still thriving after 15 years. When I was a part of it Carol Kelly was directing it and we had just a few mentors. I’m sure you could always use more, but 105 mentors sounds pretty good. Praying for more great volunteers, like Cheryl and Jay Pass to come forward!

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