Commissioners Amend Nepotism Policy

The Clinton County Commissioners gave their first reading on their new amended nepotism policy Tuesday morning at the Clinton County Courthouse.

“The Commissioners had a viewpoint on how our nepotism policy read,” said Commissioners President Jordan Brewer. “But, (Tippecanoe Circuit Court Judge Sean M.) Persin declared that our viewpoint was incorrect. But he did identify ways we could clean it up to fix our viewpoint. Today was the first step in doing that.”

Brewer added the amendment was specific to the jail matron position as well as the coroner.

This is over an ongoing dispute whether Sheriff Rich Kelly illegally paid more than $200,000 in jail commissary funds to himself and his wife.

Brewer also said they can adopt the amended ordinance at their next meeting.

In other news, the Commissioners accepted a change order from HWC that changed the completion date of the new water tower going in at Interstate 65 from September 27 to December 31. The change also included the fact that any painting of the tower has to be done before winter hits.