Commissioners Approve Hardy Hills Solar Farm Development

The Clinton County Commissioners on Tuesday unanimously gave their approval for the Hardy Hills Solar Farm project in and around Kilmore.

“I’m very excited this morning to be able to approve this resolution that approves the project agreement, the decommissioning agreement, the road agreement and the ordinance that issues the methodology that will be used for tax assessment for a potential solar project here in Union Township and Owen Township,” said Commissioners President Josh Uitts.

The Commissioners passed the same measures as did the Clinton County Council one week earlier. The only thing left for this project to be final is approval from the Area Plan Commission. However, that meeting has not been set as yet because Invenergy, the company who is behind the project, has not submitted a development plan. According to county officials, that meeting is at least a month away, if not more.

Uitts added this is the largest investment ever made in Clinton County at $200 million.

“This is a win-win-win,” said Uitts. “It’s a win for the company, it’s a win for Clinton County government and it’s a win for the taxpayers.”

In other news, the Commissioners approved a speed study request near Kelley Road.

“As you head east on Kelley Road going out of Frankfort, it’s the first county road you come to,” said Uitts. “You turn south where you find the Old Ox Subdivision where there are several homes. I think the speed limit there is 50 like it is on all county roads. Some of the residents have requested we do a speed safety for the section between Kelley Road south of where all the housing is.”

The Commissioners also approved a return to the Commissioners’ Room for those in the county wishing to vote. Following a request by Clinton County Clerk Rhea Harris, the Commissioners gave the go-ahead for absentee voting to be held October 6 to noon on November 2.

“This past spring it worked out very well that we had our absentee voting here in the Commissioners Room in the Courthouse as opposed to having to go upstairs,” said Uitts. “It was very well received.”

The Commissioners also gave their approval to a proposed multi-use training facility for Clinton County emergency personnel per a proposal from Matt Stidman of EMA.

“He came up with a proposal for a multi-use facility for Clinton County law enforcement, Clinton County EMS personnel and Clinton County fire personnel, not just the Frankfort Fire Department, but all the volunteer stations,” said Uitts.

Uitts also added everybody has to go out of town for their training currently. The facility would be at the Clinton County Fairgrounds where EMA is currently housed. Cost is between $170,000 and $180,000.

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