Construction Of The Haunted House At County Home In Full Swing

Saturday the group “7 lights of trepidation” met at the County home with the help of some Clinton County inmates. The group cleared the barn where they stored their haunted house materials. With the help of everyone the barn was cleared and carried to the destination where construction will begin under the watchful eye and direction of Jennifer Davis. Jennifer fed the workers Pizza for lunch.

Jennifer tells us the crew will be working as much and often as possible daily to complete the haunted house and be ready for opening night on October , Friday 13th.
That is correct FRIDAY THE 13th for the superstitious, and by the way. the name 7 lights of trepidation. meaning of TREPIDATION is a nervous or fearful feeling of uncertain agitation. Sounds like Halloween right?

The exciting part of the Haunted House Fundraiser is that 100% of proceeds go to the County Home residents Christmas holiday.

Even though it is only September Jennifer Davis and the group are excited to get started and have a little over a month to create an exciting haunted house for the community and they will have several dates in October for everyone to have a chance to visit and help out the residents of the home.

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