County Recorder Encourages Residents to Secure Property Fraud Protection

With the increasing threat of property fraud and identity theft, Clinton County Recorder Beth Keeney is urging residents to take advantage of the FREE Property Fraud Protection available to them. Over 72,000 Hoosiers have already signed up for this crucial service, providing an early warning system for property owners to detect and address potentially fraudulent activities.

“Your property is likely the most significant investment you’ll ever make, and we want to help you safeguard it,” Keeney says. “By signing up for property fraud protection, you are taking a proactive step to stay ahead of those who prey on property owners.”

The Recorder’s Association of Indiana recently launched a public awareness campaign to educate residents across the state about the importance of Property Fraud Protection and encourage them to take advantage of the free service.

“Although this type of crime is rare in Indiana due to our recording requirements and notary laws, it is on the rise nationwide, and we want to be proactive and help people have peace of mind when it comes to the security of their property,” Keeney adds.

Property Fraud Protection acts as an early warning system, allowing property owners to take appropriate actions promptly if suspicious activity is detected. It also ensures that recorded documents are legitimate and provides individuals with notifications confirming that their documents have been properly recorded. To sign up or learn more about this valuable service, residents are encouraged to visit or call Doxpop at (866) 369-7671.

Article written by Tammy Sander