Crossing Students Benefiting From Career Speakers

Students who attend The Crossing in Frankfort have been a special treat once a week for the last month or so.

“Every Friday during our regularly scheduled Family Time, which is 30 minutes during the students’ school day, we’ve been inviting different careers from the community to come in and share,” said Crossing Campus Coordinator Marissa Mills. “They share their personal story and let the students know what their career field is like.”

Mills said the first week of speakers featured a retired school teacher and former Clinton County Councilman Bert Weaver followed by the Fire Department in the second week along with EMTs. Josh Danner of the Frankfort Police Department was the guest on Friday.

Mills said all of the speakers shared their career path.

“Some of them knew right away what they wanted to do. Others had to try lots of other things,” said Mills. “They have been talking to our students about the overall picture of what that career looks like.”

Mills added some of the scheduled speakers coming up will members of the SWAT team and Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes. Mills also said Weaver was the one who organized all the guest speakers.

How have the students reacted?

“They’ve been very attentive, especially when we had the firemen here,” said Mills. “Just hearing some of their stories — the tragic and the really hard stories. But also some of the silly and fun things.

“It’s been eye-opening experience,” continued Mills. “For our students to interact with these community members in a safe place has really made a difference.”