Early Learning Alliance Is launched In Carroll County

Carroll County officials have launched an initiative aimed at promoting and supporting early learning and safe care for children in Carroll County.
It’s called the Early Learning Alliance of Carroll County. The initial focus of the group is to drive input from the community. To do this, they have asked Carroll County residents to provide input on the current challenges and opportunities they have in providing services.

Future goals and initiatives of the coalition consist of providing resources to families seeking childcare, supporting current providers with financial and educational programing, and ultimately increasing access and availability for childcare in Carroll County. Officials are looking for input from anyone providing childcare to take these short surveys so we can better understand the needs in Carroll County.


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  1. In response to Early Learning Alliance is launched in Carroll County article (Early Learning Alliance Is launched In Carroll County – Clinton County Daily News)
    I live in Delphi just passed Pittsburg and the AG church. I’m an unemployed early childhood educator (ages 3-5). As a Christian I’m also concerned about the lack of Christian faith-based preschools and preschools in general especially in Delphi. In 2021 I embarked on a journey to try to open my own part time Christian preschool but could not find a location. Since I have only been in the county since April 2016 most people in the county don’t know me from “Adam” so they probably wouldn’t enroll their children in my preschool anyway. My goal now is to help a church or two get a part time preschool started (and possibly an extended day program)…I have tons of ideas. If no churches in Camden or Delphi are interested maybe the churches in those towns can start a preschool collection so we can purchase a building for the non-denominational Christian preschool. You can email me at [email protected],
    Miss Pat
    Call and/or text

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