Editorial From Rich Kelly


Clinton County needs strong leadership to further develop ongoing resources and programs to
assist the citizens of our community. As Sheriff, I will cooperate with church leaders, health
officials, law enforcement personnel and other liaisons in the community. This means we will
work together to educate, incarcerate and rehabilitate individuals until we have a handle on this
opioid issue! We will work diligently to educate our youth of the harmful effects of drug and
alcohol abuse with programs within our schools and those of other outside groups and
I plan to expand on Chief Bacon’s Drug Task Force and bring in other vital agencies to assist in
tracking down the origin of these narcotics. I want to hit drug dealers in their pockets by seizing
assets they have gained while they destroyed families in our community. We will send a clear
and precise message that their actions will not be tolerated, nor welcomed, in Clinton County.
We will exert our attention to follow up and investigate each overdose as a crime. As we arrest
these individuals, we must also remember these people are our community. We need to come
up with a workable solution to rehabilitate and return them to society as healthier and productive
citizens. We will welcome church officials back in the jail to help aid in programs such as
Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous and Adult Learning Education for the individuals
who need help on being accountable and responsible with their addictions. The Trustees Office
will be vital in establishing resources for these individuals as they are released from the terms of
their sentencing.
It will take a village of Law Enforcement, the Prosecutor’s Office, Judges, Church Clergy,
Trustees, etc to clean up our community. A solution will not come overnight. I would empower
all community members to utilize the anonymous tip line as a tool to report drug crime in their
neighborhoods. It is pertinent that the community take an active role alongside Law
Enforcement to combat this problem that effects every area in our county. I want this Drug Task
Force to be highly skilled and trained to follow up on every tip. No tip is too small!
I will cooperate, but I will not compromise! I will not compromise the integrity of the office or the
goals that will push the next generation into a better tomorrow. All members of the Sheriff’s
Office will be held to the highest of standards with integrity, professionalism and accountability.
We will be transparent in all that we do to continuously build positive relationships with our
citizens. I have had great opportunities to work all across the State of Indiana. I have seen
what works and what makes a successful agency. Together, we will make a cleaner and safer
Clinton County for our kids and grandkids. I am investing in the future because I care about
their future! I need your vote on May 8th!
Rich Kelly

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  1. These statements are certainly much kinder than those published on the front page and continued on page 4 of the Frankfort News paper. As a former employee of the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office, many of Rich Kelly’s statements were insulting. It seemed, by what he said, that he found very little being carried out in a positive manner. Granted, there is always room for improvement. Perhaps, applying “…walk a mile in their shoes”, seeing from the inside out may change some of his views.

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