PHOTOS: Frankfort Police Department To Open New State Of The Art Facility

Envoy Construction and Development, a leading construction and development firm, is pleased to announce the near completion of the new Frankfort Police Department project. This high priory, 94-thousand-square-foot development is the first dedicated building to the police department in the City’s history after years of uncertainty. This project will include a 60-person meeting and training space for new and current police officers as well as a mechanics bay to repair police cars on site.

When faced with challenges during the planning stages of the project, Envoy Construction and Development pivoted its delivery methods through a Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) agreement. Throughout the process, Envoy and the City of Frankfort cared about citizens and ensured that they understood the importance of moving the project forward quickly. As a result, Envoy started immediately working with contractors, and were selected in January of 2022, breaking ground in June of 2022.

“When Chief Shoemaker and I met with Envoy and we discussed innovative ways to complete the police department, I knew the BOT process was the way to go. I wanted to make sure we were making the best financial decision while keeping the needs of the police department in the plans. This is going to be a safe facility and a facility that will provide our officers will tools and training opportunities to help keep our community safe,” states Mayor Judy Sheets.

Working with the City of Frankfort was a pleasure. The City was open to new ideas when presented and was progressive in its approach, allowing for flexible and innovative solutions. The City stressed the importance that the project needed to be completed efficiently while ensuring that the final product met the high standards set forth.

The collaboration between Envoy Construction and Development and the City of Frankfort was excellent. Envoy Construction and Development was committed to working closely with the City to ensure that the project was completed to the highest standards, on-time, and within budget. This project directly affects the safety of Frankfort’s police officers through innovative design. John Barbee, COO of Envoy says, “We are honored to have been trusted by the City of Frankfort for their new Police Department project. Despite facing significant budgetary challenges due to the project having been bid and redesigned multiple times, Envoy’s talented team of construction professionals was able to adapt the design to in corporate a practical scope and quality that would serve the department’s needs for decades to come while remaining within a predetermined budget that was
practical and affordable for the community.”

The Frankfort Police Station project is a significant milestone for Envoy Construction and Development. This project is on the Frankfort police station cutsheet and has been completed to the satisfaction of all parties involved. Envoy Construction and Development is proud to have delivered a successful project that will serve the citizens of Frankfort for years to come.