Fair Council to Celebrate Sesquicentennial Harness Racing

In 2020 the Clinton County Fair Council will celebrate 150 years of harness racing at the Clinton County Fairgrounds. Part of the celebration will be a “Memory Wall” located in the hallways of the Edward Jones Community Center.  The council wants the wall to focus on history as well as recent photographs taken during harness racing on the John “Doc” McClain harness racing track.

The fair council is also working to collect photographs that reflect on the rich heritage of the fairgrounds, including 4-H, Extension Homemakers, and the many other activities held on the grounds.  Of special interest are photos of the old wooden grandstand which burned circa 1968; the Home Ec Building which burned circa 1973; and any other structures which no longer stand.

Clinton County Fair Council Vice President Lee Anthrop is asking families and individuals to loan their photos that fit the above categories. According to Anthrop, “I would like for these submission be made available to the fair council in one of the following ways: Jpeg format sent by e-mail to the fair council at fair@clintonco.com; saved to disc; 35mm slides, or prints. If on disc; 35mm slides; or in print, Anthrop asks that collectors notify the fair council of their availability at the above e-mail address or phone 765-659-6380, Extension 1810”.

Anthrop says, “Once we receive notification of a contribution a representative of the fair council will contact the donor for delivery.”   Prints will be collected, processed and returned as soon as possible.

Anthrop notes, “At this time there is no deadline, however a deadline will be set this fall”.