Fairgrounds Gets Dirt Transplant From New St. Vincent/Witham Site

The Clinton County Fairgrounds this week received 480 dump truck loads of donated dirt from the St. Vincent/Witham construction site near Walmart and from the Midstate/Fishers site.

The 480 dump truck loads of dirt will help fill in the low areas in the Fairgrounds infield.  The infield has been plagued with chronic flooding issues and the Clinton County Fair Board voted to receive the dirt to help cure the long-term flooding issue.

The 9600 Tons of fill dirt converted to pounds equals 19,200,000 pounds of dirt.

The dirt transplant may cause a space problem for some infield events this summer if it does rain since grass planting season is almost over, but long term flooding problems should be improved with the dirt transplant.

Ken Hartman attended the May 16th Fair Board meeting in the Commissioners Room at the Clinton County Court House and will have a detailed story on one of the last meetings before the fair starts.

The Clinton County Fair this year is July 7-15.



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