Death Penalty Sought For Ferrell

The Clinton County prosecutor is seeking the death penalty in the deadly shooting this week in Frankfort.  Gary Ferrell II was charged with those crimes Friday morning in a Clinton County court.  Ferrell was charged with two counts of murder, resisting law enforcement, criminal confinement while armed with a deadly weapon and carrying a handgun without a license. He is accused of killing co-workers 21 year old Promise Mays and her grandmother, 62 year old Pamela Sled both from Rossville, in the NHK plant’s parking lot as they arrived about 4:15 Wednesday afternoon. Ferrell’s trial is set for Feb. 24, 2022.


  1. This IS a death penalty case. I hope he has the sense to plea bargain to life without parole, which I believe would be appropriate; and save everyone the grief of a trial.

    • Plea to Life without Parole !!!! Noooo FRY him or go back in time find a tall tall tree and let him swing from it This was cold blooded murder. God forgive me if wrong fory thinking

    • Kyle,

      If there’s a plea bargain, there won’t be a trial.

      If a trial happens at all, it’s unlikely that it will be in Clinton County as the defense attorneys will seek a change of venue due to pre trial publicity and community sentiments. I bet the change of venue would probably be granted.

  2. I’m with the prosecutor, I can’t believe the problems that this has created for our community.

  3. He needs the death penalty because he did not give them a choice of life or death!. I would love to see Judge Judy prosecute him!

  4. Vince:

    It’s incredibly hard to get a chance of venue on a criminal case. If this does indeed go to trial then the defense would have to prove that a jury pulled from this community would be too biased against him to receive a fair and impartial verdict.

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