First Grader Donates $1100 to Clinton County Humane Society

Lane Morris of Frankfort, left of the Christmas tree, is pictured with his sister, Liza, and grandfather Todd Corrie after Lane gave the $1100 he raised to the Clinton County Humane Society for all the supplies that are around the Christmas tree.

The Clinton County Humane Society received an extra special holiday delivery Wednesday afternoon just two days prior to Christmas.

That’s when 7-year-old Lane Morris of Frankfort, along with family members, brought $1100 worth of dog, cat and rabbit food, treats, beds and cleaning supplies to the society for them to use.

“This is a significant amount (of supplies),” said Cheyenne Taylor, who is the medical officer for the Humane Society. “I knew this was going to happen. But, I wasn’t prepared for how much he raised. We’re always in need of this.”

How did Lane raise the money to do this? He said they made chocolate with marshmallows and sprinkles and sold them over the last three weeks.

“I just wanted to help you guys out,” said Lane, who is a first-grader at Blue Ridge Elementary School in Frankfort.

Lane’s mother, Jesika Morris, said Lane has always wanted to a businessman.

“We got Gracie, our old dog, from here about 12 years ago,” said Morris. “She passed away in the spring and he wanted to give back. That’s what he decided to do. We’re all proud of him and I’m super, super proud.”

Another family member, Utility Service Board General Manager Todd Corrie, echoed everybody’s sentiments.

“I’m just proud of him having the ambition to do something like this and be able to help out a local organization,” said Corrie. “The Humane Society is important to everybody. He’s just a little kid with a big heart.”

Taylor said this donation was “amazing”.

“We are always in need of dog and cat food, and treats, of course,” said Taylor. “Our beds are always getting replaced because of holes in them and we’re always in need of cleaning supplies because we’re constantly cleaning everyday.

“We’ve actually had a really great holiday season for donations,” she continued. “It means everything in the world to us that people are thinking of us during this time.”

Anybody wanting to make donation can go to the Humane Society’s Facebook book, go to their email at or call 765-650-7924.