Five Frankfort Runners, Rossville Boys Qualify for Semi State

All five Frankfort High School runners who competed in the boys’ and girls’ cross country regional meet Saturday at Harrison High School in West Lafayette qualified for next Saturday’s semi state meet at New Prairie.

Angel Perez, Daniel Pritchett and Josue Bautista Ventura all qualified for Frankfort with Perez’ eighth-place finish leading the way. Carina Alanis and Alexis Reed-Gill also qualified with Alanis’ eighth-place finish leading the way. Also qualifying for semi state was the Rossville boys’ team, Clinton Prairie senior Tony Perez, Rossville freshman Ariel Abbott and Rossville senior Megan Wilson also qualified as individuals. Girls’ race time is 10:30 a.m. Saturday, while the boys’ race begins at 11:15 a.m.

The top six teams and the first top 10 individuals from non-qualifying teams advance to the state meet in Terre Haute on Saturday, October 31.

Boys’ Results

Semi State Qualifying Teams — West Lafayette 44, Harrison 46, Lafayette Jefferson 65, McCutcheon 98, Rossville 114, (Frankfort NTS, Clinton Prairie NTS).

Individual Winner — Leonel Soriano (Harrison) 16:25.5.

Frankfort Results — 8. Angel Perez 16:58.4; 11. Daniel Pritchett 17:10.7; 25. Josue Bautista Ventura 17:40.5.

Clinton Prairie Result — 26. Tony Perez 17:44.9.

Rossville Results — 5. Preston Padgett 16:46.3; 20. Nicholas Shedron 17:31.6; 35. Gabriel Freeman 18:01.4; 36. Charles Thompson 18:02.7; 49. Wyatt Darnell 18:34.9; 57. Charles Geheb 19:04.3; 58. Austin Bray 19:10.9.

Girls’ Results

Semi State Qualifying Teams — Seeger 35, West Lafayette 56, Harrison 80, McCutcheon 88, Benton Central 142, (Rossville was 9th at 240, Frankfort NTS, Clinton Central NTS, Clinton Prairie NTS).

Individual Winner — Haley Mansfield (West Lafayette) 18:58.5.

Frankfort Results — 8. Carina Alanis 20:13.3; 32. Alexis Reed-Gill 21:33.8.

Clinton Central Result — 55. Samantha Hadaway 23:02.6.

Clinton Prairie Result — 63. Zoe Beard 24:06.2.

Rossville Results — 39. Ariel Abbott 21:55.1; 41. Megan Wilson 21:55.7; 54. Brecken Good 22:54.5; 68. Tristen Wisda 24:26.1; 80, Adelyn Root 27:05.1.






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