Five Men Represent Last 33 Years of Clinton County Sheriffs

From left are Sheriff Mike Hensley (1995-2002), Sheriff Mark Mitchell (2003-2010), Sheriff Rich Kelly (2019-Present), Sheriff Jeff Ward (2011-2018) and Sheriff Paul Underwood (1987-1994).

Five men who have represented the past 33 years of Clinton County Sheriffs gathered at Bittersweet Nursery for a special photo with the 1960 Patrol Car. The picture was taken by Reggie Morgan.

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  1. Around 1987 not sure of the exact date I Wrights Auto Upholstery donated the interior that is still in this car today. When i was ask to do this project i only been in business a few years. At that time i was located at 355 n. clay st. I was so excited to do this for the county and still to see this patrol car being used after all these years later is a great feeling .

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