Flora Park Rock Snake Continues To Grow With Community Support

The rock snake continues to grow at Flora Park.
– Photos courtesy of Kelsie Sausaman

The Girl Scout Troop 2148 launched a project at Flora Park to incorporate a rock snake throughout the garden to provide a winding reminder of the close-knit community.

The scouts launched the project toward the end of May as a means of engaging the community with a simple project to extend the length of the snake by painting a rock and placing the rock along the snake to continue its growth through the garden area of Flora Park.

The troop has encouraged the entire community to participate.

“Saw this guy on our walk this morning,” the Flora Community Club posted. “How fun, let’s see how long he can get.”

Community members are informed to not remove rocks from the snake and only add rocks to extend its length.

Girl Scout Troop 2148 launches community rock snake project in May.