Frankfort Based Lifeline One of Six Helicopters Serving Indiana

IU Health has six LifeLine Helicopters serving Indiana and beyond.  Frankfort is part of a six IU Health Helicopter network that can reach not only Indiana, but has made calls to Kentucky, Cincinnati and Chicago area if needed.

Casy Meagher, EMT stationed at the KFKR Frankfort/Clinton County Airport said the N195LL aircraft, shown below in the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport Hanger,  is a relatively new unit capable of speeds around 200 MPH if needed.

The six Helicopters stationed by IU Health Life Line service area are based in:

  • Indianapolis (2 units)
  • New Castle (1 unit)
  • Frankfort (1 unit)
  • Terre Haute (1 unit)
  • Columbus (1 unit)

The Frankfort/Clinton County airport currently has all hangers filled, the IU Health Helicopter hanger with sleeping accommodations for on-site medical team, Sky Dive Indy facilities and full service FBO office with 100 LL and Jet Aviation fuel station for based and transient aircraft.

IU Health Lifeline Helecopter based at KFKR Frankfort-Clinton County Airport
Adrian Marks Terminal at the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport