Frankfort Camp Bazaar Saturday Will Help Trafficking Survivors

Over 25 venders will gather Saturday August 20 from 10 to 4 on the old campus of Pilgrim Holiness College/Wesleyan Campground area on West Freeman Street in Frankfort.  Now the location is just called “Frankfort Camp”,  the location of Saturday’s community-wide “Garage Sale” and Bazaar.

On site you will see food venders, baked goods, clothing, jewelry, makeup, craft items, Color Street and more.  The community-wide garage sale is held inside in an air conditioned  area.

Frankfort Camp Ministries is located at 1058 W. Freeman Street in Frankfort.

More information is available at Facebook page for “Frankfort Camp Ministries”.

Net proceeds benefit survivors of human trafficking. 

Campus of Frankfort Camp Ministries at 1058 W. Freeman Street on Frankfort’s Southwest side across from Clinton House. Free Family Bazaar event on site 10 to 4 on Saturday August 20, 2022