Frankfort City Council Votes On A.R.P. Funds (AUDIO)

Frankfort City Council recently voted on ARP funds or money from the “American Rescue Plan” and what to do with it. Mayor Judy Sheets says it passed on third reading at Mondays city council meeting. The city already has 1.7 million of those dollars set aside with another 3.3 million coming over the next year.

Mayor Judy Sheets


The Redevelopment Authority and RDC both approved the financing mechanism Monday for the new aquatic center at TPA Park. City Councilman Joe Palmer says this process will take a little longer but says this is a big step in the right direction for the project. The aquatic center is looking at an opening in early 2023.

City Councilman Joe Palmer

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  1. What a shame that neither the city or county is considering AARP funds to compensate their loyal employees. Many counties across Indiana have used the funds for bonuses months ago. City/County employees are treated like commodities. They’re supposed to just be thankful they have a job according to the city and county . councils. They only want to use the money to pay for building projects. These projects were going to go forward with or without the AARP funds. And some projects like the Region’s building are just bad council decisions. Clinton County is nearly the same population is was 50 years ago. Why the need for such a large building? Most of these employees had no choice on working during the Pandemic. Employees will always be more valuable than buildings.

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