Frankfort City Council Votes to End Case Against Gunyon

The Frankfort City Council voted 5-2 to end all harassment accusations and formal complaints against Utility Service Board member Rick Gunyon Monday night.

Councilman Eric Woods made the motion for the dismissal by saying the council had enough information to vote on and no more time was needed to be wasted on the issue. Councilman Lewis Wheeler seconded the motion.

Councilmen Steve Beardsley and Clarence Warthan, along with councilwoman Wanda Mitchell, voted with Woods and Wheeler to end the proceedings. Councilmen Joe Palmer and Jim Moyer voted against the motion.

The decision to end the case against Gunyon also cancelled an executive session that was scheduled to follow the regularly scheduled meeting. The council had already had six executive sessions on the issue.

Woods released the following prepared statement. “Four months ago the council was informed of an employee complaint filed with the HR director against a USB member appointed by the council. The council authorized an investigation by Director (Jack) Dodd and a third party HR professional.  After reviewing the investigation, no evidence was found to support the allegations of wrongdoing against the accused. Based on this conclusion, a motion was made to end the investigation and seek no action against the accused.”

In other news, the council voted 6-1 to pass a revised ordinance regulating panhandling in the City of Frankfort. Wheeler cast the lone ‘no’ vote.

“We had a lot of people feel very uncomfortable about being approached several times by individuals,” said Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes. “Now, individuals need to know they need to be very respectful because this is now law in the city and can come with civil fine. This is not a criminal offense, but it is a civil offense.”

Those found in violation of this ordinance would be fined $50.

The council also approved the mayor’s recommendation of adding Bud McQuade to the Historic Preservation Commission by a 6-1 vote with Wheeler voting against. McQuade joins Jason Wilhite, Kevin Evans and Tom Morrison as board members. McBarnes said he is seeking one more individual for that board.



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