City Plan Commission Votes Against Changing West State Road 28 Name

The Frankfort City Plan Commission voted 4-1 against changing the name of West State Road 28 to Walnut Avenue Wednesday night. However, the resolution still moves on to the Frankfort City Council, but without the City Plan Commission’s stamp of approval.

Five of the seven board members came to the meeting which meant four votes were required for passage.

Six individuals, mostly business owners, voiced their opinion against the proposal. All said they have had prior experiences with increased costs of daily business items along with the fact that getting mail, supplies and bills from the post office and other entities to them on time has been a major issue. They also wanted to know the reason behind the name change.

“I knew that (the new police station) was the cause to make that change,” said Director of Planning and Housing Initiatives for the City of Frankfort Don Stock. “I didn’t think it was a big enough cause. That’s why I didn’t discuss it.”

The new police station will be built in the vacant lot next to Brock Grain on State Road 28.

Stock did say that is in favor of the change.

“I do believe it’s kind of the process of moving the annexation out to 65 and Walnut Avenue,” said Stock. “Will it go all the way out there? I don’t have any idea. That will be decided as we progress forward with the annexation.”

The only board member voting in favor of the change was Megan Sheets, who is a member of the Frankfort City Council.

“The numbers of the addresses aren’t changing,” said Sheets. “It’s the name of the street from State Road 28 West to Walnut Avenue.”

Sheets added those proposed changes wouldn’t happen until January 2022.



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  1. Why do bureaucrats think they have to change addresses all the time. It’s a huge hassle to have to change addresses on all business & personal contacts. I know for a fact; because we’ve lived at the same place for 48 years & our address has changed THREE times!

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