Frankfort Fire Department Conducts Training To Enhance Emergency Response

The Frankfort Fire Department has been conducting numerous trainings this week to ensure that the fire crews are prepared for any situation that may occur in the Frankfort area.

The B-Crew was tasked this week with testing and learning more about the foam system for the department. The crew was given the opportunity to test different flow percentages of the foam to ensure that the system is functioning properly and learn how the different percentages affect the crew’s ability to combat fires. Probationary firefighters on the scene were also instructed about the importance of foam blanketing.

The C-Crew was tasked this week with participating in live fire training that was intended to show the firefighters how fire reacts to its environment. The training showcased all the stages that a fire may progress through to become a major threat from the incipient stage to the stages where the fire begins to overtake a structure. Training officer Jeremy Warren led the training with education about new techniques and drills to enhance the emergency response.

Frankfort firefighters learn the logistics behind the foam system.
– Photos courtesy of FFD
Frankfort Firefighters learn the stages of a rapidly-spreading fire.