Frankfort Hot Dogs Alumni Hall of Fame Will Be Held Every Year

In its first two years of operation, the Frankfort Hot Dogs Alumni Hall of Fame inducted 26 individuals.

Following a meeting Wednesday night, Hall of Fame Executive Director Don Stock announced a couple of changes will be made to the Hall of Fame.

“We’re going to go every year,” said Stock on Thursday morning’s Partytline program on WILO. “We’re not going to take any time off. We’re cutting our class size down from the minimum of six to the most of 10 and go every year.”

The original plan was to go every other year, but Stock said the number of nominations has changed that.

“We usually get to choose from a group of 30 to 36 nominees and we’ve had an influx of nominees in the past week or so,” said Stock. “We can never have too many.”

Stock said if anyone wanted to nominate someone, they can go to the Frankfort Education Foundation website, click on the Hall of Fame tab and nominate an individual on an enclosed form. Individuals can also copy the form, fill it out and take it out to the Frankfort Administration Office and hand it off to board member and Assistant Superintendent Joel McKinney.

Stock said the nominate deadline for this year’s class is July 31. The group will then meet in August to make their selections for the induction ceremony that will be held on February 29, 2020.

Stock added there is one more change.

“We’re not going to associate it with an athletic event (as in the past),” said Stock. “We’re going to go on our own and have a one-day event. It will still be a very special day.”