Frankfort Police Partnering With EMS

Police Officers are generally the first responders to a suspected opioid overdose call. All Frankfort police officers carry Narcan Nasal Spray. Until now, officers would provide multiple dosages of Narcan while awaiting emergency medical services. Intranasal Narcan takes two to five minutes to start working.
“Two to five minutes is a long time do nothing while officers wait for EMS,” said Chief Scott Shoemaker. “Now, officers will have a new tool to save lives.”
Clinton County Emergency Medical Services (CCEMS) is now providing each patrol officer a bag-valve-mask (BVM).  Officers will provide one 4 mg dose of Narcan and then assist with breathing using the BVM until CCEMS and/or Frankfort Fire arrives.
According to CCEMS Director Steven Deckard, “Providing supplemental breaths for patients not breathing adequately is paramount in prevention of brain damage and deterioration into cardiac arrest.”
The partnership ensures that FPD officers are following the latest studies in providing care for those in opioid crisis.
“This is the first change to our response in ten years,” stated Chief Shoemaker. “Research shows that providing air is more important than pushing multiple dosages of Narcan.”
Training begins immediately and will be provided by CCEMS at our roll calls.
FPD and CCEMS are also partnering in the area of tactical emergency medicine response. More on this program will be released later this year.

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