Frankfort Police to Host Community Meeting on March 21

Frankfort residents are invited to the Frankfort Police Department’s next community meeting on Thursday, March 21 from 6-7:30 p.m. at The Learning Network located at 1111 S Jackson Street, Frankfort.

Police Chief Troy Bacon is encouraging residents to attend the meeting and said that the police department will use this opportunity to listen to the concerns of the community and discuss issues such as theft and the reduction of property crimes.

“Theft and general property crimes remain near the top of our list of crimes occurring and investigated by officers in Frankfort. The police department would like to collaborate with the community to develop strategies and partnerships to help reduce the number of property crimes in Frankfort.”

“This meeting, like all of our community meetings, is an important piece of our ongoing work to create positive, open lines of communication between the police and the Frankfort citizens we serve. Building trust and familiarity on both sides will help us provide the most effective public safety service possible. These meetings – and most importantly, our residents’ participation in them – are very helpful tools that assist us in achieving that goal,” Bacon said.

Spanish language translators will attend the community meeting to assist non-English speaking residents.

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