Frankfort Redevelopment Commission Pondering Big Project Downtown

Frankfort Utility Board General Manager Todd Corrie went before the Frankfort Redevelopment Commission last week and told the Commission they would need about $125,000 for a long-wanted to do project.

“What that consists of is we have four power lines running down the alley which was originally behind the Regions Bank that goes all the way down to Jackson,” said RDC Chairman Joe Palmer. “Those are high-voltage lines, we have talked about cleaning up the alley because it is visible.

“Second of all, we’ve got that alley between Ellis Jewelry and Arni’s,” continued Palmer. “Ellis has done a fantastic job putting up a mural and painting. Arni’s has got some plans they like to improvise there in the alley, possibly outdoor seating.”

The plan is for the utility lines to be buried underground so they can clean up the area and eliminate the danger.

They hope to make a decision on this plan at their next meeting on June 29.

Something else that may happen downtown is some new railroad tracks will be installed this summer.

“The railroad has agreed that they are going to come in, it may not be during the construction of the sidewalks that is going on,” said Palmer. “They are coming in this year and they are putting in a whole new railing and new tracks across Main Street on both sides of the street.”

Palmer added he hoped it would be done while demolition is going on downtown. He also said if it doesn’t happen then, it would be closer to September.

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