Gus Wins Colfax Halloween Costume Contest

With 114 votes, Gus the Baby Gnome was declared the winner of the Colfax Town Board online costume contest for Halloween, and Gus recently received a photoshoot to commemorate his victory.

First-place winner Gus! – Photos courtesy of the Colfax Town Board and Julie Lewellen

The Colfax Town Board launched its costume contest on Oct. 31 during the town’s trick-or-treat festivities. As the trick-or-treaters filed into the Town Marshal’s Office to have their photo taken, the participants were not only memorializing their outstanding costumes, all of the photos were uploaded to the Colfax, Indiana Facebook page where community members could vote for their favorite costume with a “like.” Voting ended Nov. 3 at midnight with Gus being selected as the winner.

Gus the Baby Gnome was declared as the winner with Woody and Buzz Lightyear placing second and third in the voting. Gus’s photo was placed as the Colfax, Indiana profile picture to commemorate his win before he received a photoshoot, and a photo from the session was then utilized to showcase his win as well as the newest profile picture of the town.

Gus the Baby Gnome
Buzz Lightyear










The total tally of votes for the Halloween contest with the original 72 contestants received a whopping 1,007 votes across the contestants with Gus receiving 114 votes and Woody falling just short with 99 votes. Gus will continue to be the profile picture of the Colfax, Indiana Facebook page as the town gears up for the next Halloween costume contest in 2024.