Home for the Night Shelter Has Ribbon Cutting Ceremony to Open Its Doors

The following is a press release from The United Way.

Home for the Night held their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Monday at 1100 Walnut Avenue, Frankfort.

Home for the Night is a temporary shelter that will provide up to six days of housing to six men and four women at a time; and require those staying to participate in Wrap Around Case Management services through our community partners, Bauer Family Resources and Healthy Communities providing the individual a hand up in many areas of their lives.

If an individual qualifies for the program at Home for the Night, they can come to the shelter at 7 p.m.  They will receive food, can do their laundry, and take a shower.  The next morning everyone will be up and ready by 7 a.m., receive a continental breakfast and meet with the Shelter Coordinator for their Wrap Around Case Management goal planning.  Everyone will be out of the building no later than 9 a.m. Individuals cannot hang around the facility during the day.  It is a requirement to stay another night, that individuals must complete their Wrap Around Case Management goals.

To apply to Home for the Night an individual would contact Center Township, Nikki Campbell at (765) 357-9103 or http://centertownshipofclintoncounty.com.

Home for the Night has been brought to life through IU Health grant, Center Township, United Way grant, Rossville Honor Roll Students, and Area IV Block Grant.  There is a Coalition Team made up of Jami Pratt, Jada Ray, Anita Stewart, Lorra Archibald, Tristen Comegys, Mayor Judy Sheets, Colleen Moore, Jeni Royalty, Bart Kraning, Elizabeth Alber, Kevin Alber, Chris Overman, Jessica Whitsmore, Bethany Sheets, Mark Sanders, Chad Dennison, Anne Hazlett and Edith Crews.