INDOT Agrees to Public Meeting on SR 28

For those of you who are frustrated and angry about the road construction here in Frankfort, particularly State Road 28 West, an opportunity for you to voice your displeasure is in the works.

Frankfort Street Superintendent Jason Forsythe said Monday night at both the Board of Works and City Council meetings that he went to INDOT Monday afternoon for a meeting to discuss State Road 28 among other things and getting everyone to agree to a public meeting here in Frankfort before Thanksgiving.

“The main thing was get a public meeting for everyone,” said Forsythe. “I think it’s time. They (INDOT and contractors) need to get in front of people and let people (like constituents and businesses) what’s going on. I don’t have the answers and I can’t get the answers. INDOT was supportive of the public meeting.”

Forsythe said he is hopeful that is next two or three weeks to have a meeting at the Frankfort Community Public Library in the evening on any Monday through Thursday night, or perhaps at the Frankfort High School where INDOT held a meeting at before the State Road 28 project began.

Forsythe added there is an incredibly long laundry list of change orders that will have to be dealt with. No dollar estimate was given, but change orders are very, very high.

Forsythe said 28 wasn’t the only concern on his list.

“I still have concerns where INDOT will be on those three or four projects off of State Road 28,” said Forsythe. “I just wanted something to be able to put in writing and ask contractors if they will come back and take care off the work out there. Hopefully, we can do this all at one time.”

Forsythe added those streets that INDOT is working on is McKinley Avenue, Boomer Street, Nickel Plate Road and Short Myrtle.

Forsythe also said that work on Washington Avenue is going really well and they will start paving Wednesday and Thursday. It was to start Tuesday, but all the rain this weekend and Monday prevented that from happening.

Forsythe said it looks like they will be able to get the initial round of paving done on Washington plus he expects the entrance to the Frankfort Post Office to be in the next week-and-a-half.


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  1. We’re going into winter. Where is Indot going to push the snow this winter? Especially from Jackson St. west and McKinley curve out to highway garage?

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