Judge Releases Delphi Documents Charging Richard Allen

Just hours after learning Richard Allen’s attorney’s filed for a change of venue in the 2017 murder case of Libby German and Abby Williams the special judge overseeing the case against Allen has moved to make court documents in this case available to the public.

The probable cause affidavit is now public and state that the statements of witness’s contained in the documents are considered reliable and credible due to with witness’s personal knowledge and/or are corroborated by the totality of the circumstances.

The documents released are released are a redacted version. The judge made that decision not to release all of the information but to give some clues as to what led up to the arrest of Richard Allen and what links him to the crime.

There was a 40 caliber round between the bodies that was sent to the State Police crime lab. The round had marks on it that it had been cycled through a gun belonging to Richard Allen.

The documents talk about Richard Allen’s wardrobe, voice, and his vehicle (where it was parked).
They also have evidence on the cell phone where one of the girls says “GUN” as the alleged suspect was approaching them.

Clinton County Daily News will bring you more as we get it.

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