Judge Rules In Favor Of Sheriff In Lawsuit

A judge in Montgomery County has issued a ruling in favor of Clinton County Sheriff Rich Kelly concerning a lawsuit filed against him by the Clinton County Commissioners earlier this year. Judge Sam Swaim issued the ruling late Tuesday which dealt with what could be sold in the commissary and the way those funds are handled. Sheriff Rich Kelly says the judge sided with the sheriff’s office…


Kelly says he still has a counter claim in Tippecanoe court which he feels confident will come down in his favor especially with the judge’s ruling yesterday.


Kelly says it keeps inmates calm when they can have access to e-cigarettes.


He says he believes you should stand for what’s right…


W-I-L-O news did reach out to Commissioner’s president Josh Uitts who said he would probably have comments concerning the ruling at the next meeting.


  1. I’m also agreeing with Sheriff Kelly after being a smoker for several years quitting was the hardest thing I ever did and I understand the irritability and anxiety it can cause thus causing inmate outburst and negative behavior…kudos Sheriff Kelly for all you do.

  2. Keep up the good work sheriff. Maybe now they will do the job the job they were hired to do and stop distracting you from giving our county the protection we all deserve.

  3. I am confused. I thought it was against the law to smoke E cigarettes in public. It encourages young people to do it. It has been proven to not be a good practice. I agree, Kelly is doing a good job other wise but on this subject, there are other ways to calm the prisoners dawn.

    • I also at first thought the same thing. Studies on a national level prove otherwise. I was really surprised myself. -Kevin Keith

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