Kaspar Media Remembers Leroy Good

Leroy Good died this morning after living 101 years. Leroy enriched the lives of others, fought in combat for our country in WWII, spent years at the Jefferson elevator welcoming farmers and weighing grain and yes, taking me on a tour of the elevator as a boy. His elevator tour included a climb to the very top of Jefferson!

Kaspar Media always invited Leroy to display an historical exhibit at the Annual Senior Fair and if he could, he would bring a display of Clinton County Indian artifacts found on his own property, exhibits of US currency including money issued by local area banks, postage stamps and post cards, faded pictures of long gone Clinton County buildings, pictures and memorabilia of Abraham Lincoln’s passage on train through Colfax on his way to burial in Illinois.  

Leroy Good left a rich trail of memories in his wake.

I grew up across the road from Leroy. I stood on Leroy and Virginia’s property while I waited for Bill Paddock to pick me up on his little yellow school bus back in 1962…and for several years thereafter. I waited for that bus with Patty, Rick and David who grew up in Leroy’s home.

Since the Kaspar family across the road  did not own a TV set, my brother Steve and I would cross that road, knock on Leroy and Virginia’s door and watch TV sometimes.  Batman, Wilt Chamberlain (whom Leroy loved to watch), Armstrong and Aldrin landing on the moon…all watched on a black and white TV in Leroy’s living room with Leroy right there to cheer them on.

Leroy left a legacy of service to his church.  He worshiped at the oldest on-going congregation in Clinton County at St. Luke’s church a few miles north of Frankfort on 39.  Leroy was responsible for bringing others to minister at the pulpit at St. Lukes including Cal Brallier, my wife’s (Susan Kaspar’s) dad. Cal pastored at St. Luke’s for about 8 years directly because of a phone call invitation from … Leroy Good.

Leroy raised sheep on his property to keep the pasture looking nice and to keep the unwanted growth down.  More than once he had to tell those pesky Kaspar boys to stop chasing his sheep.  We finally stopped.

Leroy was always there as a good neighbor.  Borrowing a tool, watching us for a few days when mom and dad were away on business, letting us sled down his hill in the wintertime. You name it, Leroy was there.  Now the bridge we crossed on 500 W (Old Gasline Road) thousands of times is named in his honor.   I will think of him when I cross it again.

Leroy Good and the family under that roof helped build this country. The quiet strength of a good man will live in my heart and memory until I, too, take my last breath.

Thank you, Leroy.

Thank you.

Leroy Good standing in his original WWII army uniform in front of N197H BC 12-65 Taylorcraft Airplane restored by Jim Ellis. This 1941 plane was the first L2 Taylorcraft purchased by the U.S. Government in WWII. This plane is still fully operational and hangered at the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport.
Good neighbors talking politics. Vern Kaspar and Leroy Good talk about how things have changed. Photo by Russ Kaspar
Leroy Good speaks at Frankfort Rotary meeting a few years ago.


VIDEO:  Leroy’s 100 birthday celebration broadcast on Hoosierland TV from OLD STONEY. CLICK HERE to watch.

Click here to watch Leroy Good’s 100th year birthday celebration at Old Stoney held June 6, 2020. Broadcast LIVE and archived on Hoosierland TV.  


  1. Leroy Good is and always will be a great man in my mind. Great story.. I’m saddened by this news. I think one reason for his longevity is that he stayed so active on his property all his life. Just extraordinary.

  2. Leroy was quite the historian. I went to school with Rick and got to know Leroy at a “antique roadshow” at the fairgrounds many years ago. That talk we had ended up with an evening at his house and a grand tour of his collections, and there were many. His WWII service, Clinton County history, arrow head collection to name a few. I’ll never forget him.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this. My Dad knew him as he was our neighbor also. Would see him in Wal-Mart and he always remembered me.

  4. I met Leroy thru my neighbor Claude Bower. We went on some drives through the country with Leroy talking about the history of the area. He knew my dad and they both went to war overseas. He knew more about my dad than I did. I lost my and Leroy’s friend when Claude passed a year ago. I will miss Leroy and his knowledge of the history of this area. HE WILL BE MISSED!!

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