Kaspar Media Team Celebrates Christmas and Another Year Serving You

Kaspar Media is blessed to have a great team of experienced dedicated people who work hard each day to bring you wonderful engaging content on Clinton County Daily News, Big Deals, Boone County Daily News,  Shine 99 Radio, Hoosierland TV and WILO AM/FM. 

Kaspar Media held a Christmas gathering for team members today at the media center.  It was a spread out event different from other years.  The 5200 square foot broadcast and media facility allowed us to spread out and enjoy a luncheon feast.

A great big “Thank You” to Anna Emery who was on hand with Erick Dircks to catch a few special moments.  Not everyone could come to the event this year but we want you to know we all look forward to serving you in 2021 with the best in music, news, weather, sports, local shopping information, Big Deals, Local TV and talk from our area leaders and friends.

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