Kegan Kline Files A Motion To Change His Plea In Miami County Court

The man who spoke to Libby German the night before she and Abby were killed but who investigators do not believe is connected with their deaths is set to accept a plea deal from the state this Thursday that could make him a free man shortly after that hearing. Fox 59 is reporting Kegan Kline has been sitting in Miami County jail since the summer of 2020 and is expected to plead guilty on all 25 counts of child exploitation and child pornography charges against him.

He has never been charged in their deaths. Kline would avoid a trial and the downside for the Delphi Murder case is Kline wouldn’t have to cooperate in any other future cases. Such as the Delphi Murder case involving accused Richard Allen. If accepted Kline could receive only 3 years in prison and has already served 32 months in jail meaning he could walk out of jail sometime this spring with time served.


  1. For what the plea deal is accepted for 3 years is not enough!!! I know this has no connection to the tragic case in Delphi.

    • Lets wait and see what the judge agrees to exactly Thursday and then we can speculate about the fairness. On the surface, I think most people would agree with you! –Kevin Keith Director of Operations

  2. Okay letting out this guy, who will be his next victim? They always get worse so the next time it might be death. This guy should not be out to destroy more lives and he should be made tell everything he knows about other crimes. Our kids are not safe.

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