‘Leading With 2020 Vision’ Friday, October 30

The WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading With 2020 Vision” series continued Friday morning with Farmers Bank President/CEO Karen Gregerson.

“We’re constantly monitoring (the COVID situation) it,” said Gregerson. “I hate to try and look too far in the future because it seems like things just change everyday. If we have to step back to what we had before where it was just drive thru only. But I’m hoping we won’t have to do that. We’ve got some really good protocols in place. Our customers have been really good about following them. We’re going to keep doing what’s safe for our customers and what’s safe for our employees.”

Join us Monday for another WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading With 2020 Vision” with Clinton County Health Department Director Rodney Wann.

Click on the audio for today’s interview.

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