‘Leading With 2020 Vision’ Tuesday, September 22

The WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading With 2020 Vision” series continued Tuesday morning with Clinton County Health Department Health Officer Dr. Steve Tharp.

“I think we’re in good shape,” said Tharp. “It enforces what we’re doing with masks and social distancing as well as making a difference in Clinton County and to a large extent making Indiana more healthy. That’s great. The end of November is really a projection. Several things need to happen. We need to be doing well with the virus, everything needs to keep coming down and controlling things. I do think we’ll be able to relax things as we go on.”

Join us Wednesday for another WILO/Chamber of Commerce “Leading With 2020 Vision” with Healthy Communities of Clinton County Coalition Executive Director Lorra Archibald.

Click on the audio for today’s interview.