Lebanon Schools Breaks Ground On New Transportation Center

Lebanon staff and contractors break the ground of the new Transportation Center.
– Photo courtesy of LCSC

Lebanon Community School Corporation broke ground on its new transportation center located at 1570 John Bart Rd. in Lebanon on Tuesday with expectations for the center to act as a hub for the transportation department of the school to gather and enjoy the amenities.

The project marks a milestone in the corporation’s ongoing efforts to enhance its facilities and better serve the students and staff. According to Director of Transporation Becky Nichols, the construction project has been an exciting development for the entire corporation as the beginning stages of the project have been in the works for numerous months.

“All of our construction projects are exciting, but this one has been a long time coming,” Nichols said. “I couldn’t be more excited to see this vision become a reality.”

Superintendent Dr. Jon Milleman echoed Nichols’ comments by stating that the main goal of the transportation center is to provide the safety and functionality of the department for all of the students and staff that ride the buses and operate the vehicles.

“The construction of this Transportation Center addresses an immediate need to improve the safety and functionality of our Transportation Department and is designed to grow along with our community,” Milleman said. “Our current site was designed for less than 20 buses. We operate over 40 buses on a daily basis. The new Transportation Center provides another example of our commitment to provide our students and staff high quality, modern facilities.”

The new Transporation Center will see numerous enhancements aimed at improving functionality, safety and aesthetics with key features including:

  • Increased bus parking capacity
  • Convenient access from John Bart Road to streamline the operations of the center
  • Designated staff parking for improved safety
  • Canopy coverings for buses to protect them from the elements to preserve the functionality and aesthetic of the vehicles while also avoiding difficulties with freezing and overheating
  • Two covered fueling stations for efficient refueling options
  • Installation of acoustical barries and mounding with trees and greenery to enhance aesthetics and functionality by limited noise pollution in the area.

The floor plan for the center has been designed with a focus on safety, efficiency and convenience with key features including:

  • Main front area for staff and visitor parking to ensure easy access into and out of the center
  • Restroom and shower facilities
  • Four service bays for effective maintenance and repairs
  • Adequate space for bus maintenance and repair work
  • Dedicated computer space near the service bays to facilitate order and inventory management
  • Ample storage space to organize equipment and supplies effectively
  • Automatic bus wash for convenient cleaning and maintenance cost reductions
  • Minimized need for bus backing through the site design

The Transporation Center is expected to be completed by summer 2025.