Lebanon Tigers Track Team Shatters New Records, Sets Date For Senior Night Next Week

The Lebanon Tigers track and field team continues its triumphant season by defeating Tri-West Tuesday night with a new school record in one of the relay races.

The Tigers boys’ team and the Lady Tigers team came home with a win against Tri-West Tuesday night as the boys’ team set a new school record in the 4×100 relay. The Tigers took it home against Tri-West with a score of 91 points to Tri-West’s 41. The Lady Tigers secured victory with a score of 81.5 points to Tri-West’s 46.5.

The team consisting of Jeremiah Howard, Cisco Luyindula, Kaden Lark and Trey Ries ran a 43.57 to break the previous school record of 43.79 in the 4×100 relay race that was set in 2014.

Boys’ Results:

High Jump – Kaden Lark (1st), Donyell Moore (2nd)

Long Jump – Trey Ries (2nd)

Shot Put – Mason Crew (1st), Ty Reagan (2nd)

Discus – Mason Crew (1st), Ty Reagan (2nd), Alex Bernal Santos (3rd)

Pole Vault – Chase Tucker (1st), Niko Trepcos (3rd)

4×800 Relay – Carter Hammons, Eli Taylor, William Meyer, Isaac Harvey (1st)

110 Hurdles – Donyell Moore (3rd)

100 – Trey Ries (1st)

1600 – Curtis Hicks (1st), Aydan Wetter (2nd)

4×100 Relay – Jeremiah Howard, Cisco Luyindula, Kaden Lark, Trey Ries (1st) (New Record Holders)

400 – Tyler Meyer (2nd), Cisco Luyindula (3rd)

300 Hurdles – Donyell Moore (3rd)

800 – Isaac Harvey (1st), Aydan Wetter (2nd), Brynner Sloan (3rd)

200 – Trey Ries (1st), Cisco Luyindula (3rd)

3200 – Tyler Meyer (1st), William Meyer (2nd)

4×400 Relay – Cisco Luyindula, Isaac Harvey, Lucien Tumba, Curtis Hicks (1st)

Lady Tigers Results:

High Jump – Claire Boling (1st), Sydnie Starkey (2nd)

Long Jump  – Soteria Udu (2nd), Olivia Kemp (3rd)

Shot Put – Soteria Udu (2nd), Carley Adams (3rd)

Discus – Carley Adams (1st),Gabby Deakins (3rd)

Pole Vault – Ciarra Hiatt (1st), Jocelyn Butler (2nd), Lily Gonzalez (tied for 3rd)

4×800 Relay – Sophie Kyker, Audrey Patterson, Sarah Keith, Nadia Jones (1st)

100 Hurdles – Jazmine Moore (1st)

100 – Soteria Udu (2nd), Edwina Yealu (3rd)

1600 – Penny Lamerson (1st), Hayleigh Coyle (3rd)

4×100 Relay – Leila Richards, Jocelyn Butler, Claire Boling, and Ciarra Hiatt (1st)

300 Hurdles – Sha’Myaih McNeal (1st), Jazmine Moore (2nd)

800 – Penny Lamerson (1st), Audrey Patterson (3rd)

200 – Ciarra Hiatt (3rd)

3200 – Sarah Keith (1st), Izzy Metheny (3rd)

4×400 Relay – Sophie Kyker, Penny Lamerson, Nadia Jones, and Claire Boling (1st)

Senior night is scheduled to take place next week on Tuesday, April 16 with announcements beginning at 5 p.m. and the meet to follow beginning at 5:30 p.m.