Lebanon Varsity Tennis Team Shows Up Big, Junior Varsity Drops Sets Against North Montgomery

The Lebanon Lady Tigers tennis team earned a victory of North Montgomery with a score of 4 to 1 in the varsity matches, but the Lady Tigers junior varsity team fell short with a final score of 2 to 8.

In number one singles, Lebanon’s Ava Lehmkuhler defeated North Montgomery’s Sydney Neidffn with two sets of 6-1 to secure the lead for the Lady Tigers. Number two singles saw Lebanon’s Bianca Coranado defeat North Montgomery’s Abigail Allin in two sets, ending with scores of 6-2 and 7-5.

In number three singles, Lebanon’s Lucie Cassis medically forfeited to North Montgomery’s Kati Munca, which led to North Montgomery’s one varsity win during the showdown.

In number one doubles, Lebanon’s Bre Page and Kate Williams defeated North Montgomery’s Shayna Ratdiff and Reagan Lulli with set scores of 6-4 and 6-3. In number two doubles, Lebanon’s Anna Howard and Kinley Young defeated North Montgomery’s Arya Gayler and Carolyn Carpenth with set scores of 6-3 and 6-4 to round out the varsity matches.

The final score for the varsity matches was 4 to 1 with Lebanon taking home the victory.

The junior varsity team struggled with their performance against North Montgomery, only securing two wins over the 10 matchups.

In number three singles, Kaia Niehaus pulled out a close victory against her North Montgomery opponent, concluding with a set of 8-6 where she was tasked with securing a two-game lead due to an earlier tie between her and her opponent to claim victory. In number four singles, Jessa Baker secured victory with a set of 6-4, marking the last of the two victories that the Lebanon junior varsity team would grab against North Montgomery.

In number one singles, Allie Niehaus fell to North Montgomery with a set of 3-6 and Charlotte Kleindl fell to North Montgomery in number two singles with a set of 4-6.

In number one doubles, Lana Haimova and Lilly Ford dropped the set 3-6, Roxy Alinas and Lilly Webbner dropped the set 0-6 in number three doubles, Lyla Henson and Evelyn Gardner dropped the set 1-6 in number four doubles, Arlene Apolonio-Santiago and Yamilexy Regelado barely dropped the set 5-7 in number five doubles, Omary Rojas and Mallory McKinney dropped the set 0-6 in number six doubles and Gabby Reyes and Abi Fradestin narrowly secured victory with a final set of 5-7 against North Montgomery.

With only two victories for the junior varsity team, the final score resulted in a loss of 2 to 8 in favor of North Montgomery.