Lee Named Funeral Director at Goodwin and Archer Weston

Josh Lee, left, has joined the staff at Goodwin and Archer Weston Funeral Homes in Frankfort. He is pictured with his family.

Josh Lee is returning home to work with Goodwin and Archer Weston Funeral Homes.

Lee is a 2005 Frankfort High School and Vincennes University graduate. He and his wife Matteson (Stoops) Lee lived in Brazil, Indiana since 2010, where he served his internship and as a licensed funeral director. He is one of less than 30 embalmers in the world to complete all of the seminars at the world renowned Fountain National Academy in Springfield, Missouri.

“I am a firm believer in continuing education,” said Lee. “As an embalmer and funeral director you have to constantly be learning and evolving with the improvements in medicine and how it reacts with each person postmortem.”
On November 6, 2017 he began working as a funeral director for Goodwin Funeral Home and Archer Weston Funeral & Cremation Center.
Lee said it is a privilege and honor for my wife and I to bring our son back to Clinton County.
“It has always been a goal of mine to serve the community that I grew up in and called home. There is a satisfaction knowing that I will be able to raise my son on the same streets I was raised on,” said Lee.
Lee has recently qualified for recertification of the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP), by the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice. He is Clinton County’s second funeral director to currently hold this designation. Goodwin Funeral Home is the only funeral home in Clinton County with designated CFSP Funeral Directors on staff.
A number of professions grant special recognition to members upon completion of specified academic and professional programs and “CFSP” is funeral service’s national individual recognition.
“It was his commitment to Clinton County to be able to bring Josh and his family back home to serve our wonderful community,” said Bill Miller of Goodwin Funeral Home. “In my conversations with Josh, leading up to his first day, I could see how eager he was to come home. I am excited for the skills and opportunities that will be presented with Josh as a member of our funeral home family.”
The Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, since its 1976 founding, has had the following as its goals: 1) to recognize those practitioners who have voluntarily entered into a program of personal and professional growth, 2) to raise and improve the standards of funeral service and 3) to encourage practitioners to make continuing education a life-long process in their own self-interest, the interest of the families they serve, and the community in which they serve.
To initially receive this award, the practitioner must complete a 180-hour program of continuing education activities and events. In addition, the practitioner is required to accumulate 20 hours per year to recertify.
Goodwin Funeral Home has been community minded and serving Clinton County for over 162 years. The values and traditions from 1856 are still here today. They take great pride in treating every person in the community as family. It is an honor for Goodwin Funeral Home to own and operate Clinton Counties only crematory.
“There is fulfillment in being able to promise each family that their loved one will never leave our care.” said Miller.