Local Pictures of “Christmas Star”

John Rubacha, member of the Lafayette-based Wabash Valley Astronomical Society composed a telescopic picture of the “Christmas Star” on December 20th.

Russ Kaspar also took a picture of what the Christmas Star would look like to most observers without the aid of a telescope. Kaspar’s picture was taken at about 6:30 PM Tuesday December 22 one day after the Great Conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter appeared closest together.

Some experts maintain that the star mentioned in the Bible at the time of Christ’s birth was a similar conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter. Venus probably also played a part in this biblical celestial display. The conjunction some say referred to in the Bible took place in the star constellation “Virgo the Virgin”. It also took place in the morning, making the star appear “In the East”.

Photo by John Rubacha, Wabash Valley Astronomical Society in Lafayette, Indiana
Photo by Russ Kaspar. “Christmas Star” is in the upper right. Residence is home of Dave and Suzy Little at Little Lakes Estates north of Frankfort
“Christmas Star” with Jupiter on left and Saturn on right. Photo by Russ Kaspar