Mayor Proclaims Thursday as ‘Kiwanis Club of Frankfort Day’

Frankfort Mayor Judy Sheets, left, and Frankfort Kiwanis Club President Eric Spencer, right, talk after she delivered a proclamation for the Kiwanis.
Frankfort Kiwanis Club members gather for a group photo following the Mayor’s proclamation that Thursday is Kiwanis Club of Frankfort Day.

Thursday night was supposed to be the 100-year celebration for the Frankfort Kiwanis Club. However, thanks to COVID-19, that’s not going to happen.

“Some time in ’21, we’re going to have a celebration banquet we actually had planned for this Thursday night,” said Kiwanis Club President Eric Spencer. “But, we had to pull the pin on that.”

Virus or not, Kiwanis Club members gathered at Old Stoney to hear a Proclamation from Mayor Judy Sheets stating that Thursday will be proclaimed “Kiwanis Club of Frankfort Day.”

“They’re very valuable to the community,” said Sheets. “They have so many projects that go on and so many ways that they help. We really appreciate them.”

The Frankfort Kiwanis Club was chartered September 3, 1920, becoming the 23rd Kiwanis Club in Indiana. Our club embraced the original Kiwanis International motto “We Build” as we built Circle Park in Frankfort in 1923. In the late 1940’s and 1950’s the club was involved in helping build Camp Cullom. We established a Key Club at Frankfort High School in 1966 and a Key Club at Clinton Prairie High School in 1990.

For over 30 years our club along with the Key Clubs have “Adopted” State Road 28 West and pick up litter in the spring and fall every year. In 2005 we partnered with the City of Frankfort to secure financing and provide labor to construct the skateboard facility at Eastside Park.

Through the Indiana District of Kiwanis our club has contributed thousands of dollars to Riley Hospital for Children for a variety of needs including neonatal ambulances, project to cure juvenile diabetes and a program to help get earlier diagnoses of Autism. Our club was contributed to Kiwanis International programs to eliminate Iodine Deficiency and Neonatal Tetanus worldwide. We lead the Indiana District of Kiwanis with an average contribution of $300 per member to the Eliminate Iodine Deficiency project.

Frankfort Kiwanis Club partners with and financially supports local community organizations such as the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Camp Cullom, Prairie Grass Observatory, COACH Kids, Special Olympics, FOP, Frankfort Jaycees, The Crossing School, Quinton’s House, Frankfort Little League and Boy Scouts.

“I think it’s pretty remarkable that a group can provide community service in a community for 100 years,” said Spencer. “It’s a special occasion for sure.”

It’s also a very special occasion for two club members — Spencer and Matt Beardsley, both of whom are fourth generation club members. Spencer’s Great Grandfather Will, Grandfather Walter and Father William Harvey Spencer were Frankfort Kiwanians. Beardsley’s Great Grandfather Dr. Frank Sr., Grandfather Dr. Frank Jr. and Father Steve Beardsley were/are Frankfort Kiwanians. For 95 of the 100 years our club has existed there has been a Beardsley in the club!

“I just think it’s an honor they asked me to be a part of this,” said Sheets. “It was my honor to make this proclamation for the third of September as the 100-year anniversary for the Kiwanis Club. They do so much for our community and we really appreciate all that they do.”

The following is the proclamation Sheets announced on Tuesday.

WHEREAS, The Kiwanis Club of Frankfort, Indiana was chartered on September 3, 1920, becoming the 23rd Kiwanis Club in Indiana; and,

WHEREAS, The Kiwanis Club is a global community of clubs, members and partners dedicated to improving the lives of children one community at a time and empowering members to pursue creative ways to serve the needs of children, such as fighting hunger, fighting literacy, and offering guidance; and,

WHEREAS, The original motto of Kiwanis International, “We Build,” was exemplified by the Kiwanis Club of Frankfort in the creation of Circle Park in 1923, in the Club’s assistance in building Camp Cullom in the 1940s and 1950s, and in partnering with the City of Frankfort to construct the skateboard park at Eastside Park in 2005; and,

WHEREAS, The Kiwanis Club of Frankfort encourages youth participation in service through the establishment of a Key Club at Frankfort High School in 1966, at Clinton Prairie High School in 1990; and,

WHEREAS, In 2005, Kiwanis International selected a new motto: “Serving the Children of the World.” The Kiwanis Club of Frankfort embraced this motto and has contributed thousands of dollars to Riley Hospital for Children for various needs, including neonatal ambulances, initiatives to cure juvenile diabetes, and a program to increase early diagnoses of autism. The Kiwanis Club of Frankfort has contributed to international programs to eliminate iodine deficiency and neonatal tetanus worldwide; and,

WHEREAS, The City of Frankfort recognizes and honors the numerous local Kiwanis Club service projects over the past 100 years, and acknowledges that these philanthropic endeavors have made our community a better place to live and work.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Judith Sheets, Mayor of the City of Frankfort, call upon all citizens of Frankfort to join me in recognizing the Kiwanis Club of Frankfort’s 100 years of commitment to the City of Frankfort and do hereby proclaim Thursday, September 3, 2020, as:


“100 Years Serving the Children of the World”

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this 1st day of September 2020.

Judith E. Sheets

Mayor, City of Frankfort