McBarnes Says He’ll Seek Third Term as Frankfort Mayor

Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes speaks to the crowd at Arborwood Thursday night and officially said he is seeking re-election as mayor of Frankfort.
Campaign Co-Chair John Milholland speaks to the crowd at Arborwood before Mayor Chris McBarnes announced he would seek a third term as mayor.

At the end of his State of the City address back in March, Frankfort Mayor Chris McBarnes announced he would not seek re-election for a third term. Now, nearly nine months later, that has all changed as McBarnes made it official Thursday night that he is running for the post he has held the past eight years.

“We’re going to keep Frankfort moving forward, we’re going to focus on quality of place, we’re going to focus on strategic growth and we’re going to focus on financial well being just like we always have,” said McBarnes. “We’re going to focus on public safety and give the taxpayers a great return on the investment in the city services that they get on a daily basis. We’re ready to go.”

An obviously re-energized McBarnes made his announcement in front of a lively, overflow crowd at Arborwood Thursday night.

Campaign Co-Chair Tom Ransom delivers a speech to the crowd at Arborwood Thursday night before Chris McBarnes announced his candidacy for mayor.

“The people I’ve been talking to are very excited and very pumped,” said McBarnes. “We’re going into this like we’re 10 points down, we’re a 100 votes down. That’s the way we’re looking at it and we’re going to scrap and claw all the day to Election Day. I’m not going to quit doing my job. I’m going to do it to the best of my ability and that’s serving my hometown as mayor.”

Before McBarnes spoke, Campaign Co-Chairs John Milholland and Tom Ransom spoke briefly, followed by Center Township Trustee Kevin Evans as well as McBarnes’ wife, Samantha. Milholland and Ransom, along with Ann Robey are Co-Chairs of McBarnes’ campaign.

“What he’s done, he’s done on his own since he was first elected at age 23,” said Milholland. “I think everybody underestimated his leadership qualities. He’s had the most positive impact on our city in the last seven years and he’s got the inspiration to move Frankfort to the top of the class. We need to re-elect Chris McBarnes and let him finish what needs to be done and move Frankfort forward.”

Ransom said “Chris has the vision to make to make things happen and he has the opportunity to be the first three-time mayor in the history of Frankfort.”

McBarnes was asked what has changed over the past eight-plus months.

“Every champion, every winner, every victorious individual, every lion at one point and time has had the urge to quit and I did,” said McBarnes. “I had the urge to quit.

“But, I didn’t want to give up on my dream,” he added. “I finally feel good about this, I’m ready for it and we are going to press on.”

However, that same person who was the architect of projects such as Ivy Tech Community College, renovate Old Stoney, Frankfort Commons Golf Course and the Nickel Plate Flats apartment complex, knew there was other work to be done like Prairie Creek Park and possibly others.

“I think one of the reasons why everyone is so passionate about him continuing is there’s some things that he needs to finish and he’s got some projects going,” said Milholland. “He’s got some other ideas that really will put Frankfort on the map and really make Frankfort a wonderful place.”

On the sign behind the podium as a sign that “Keep Moving Frankfort Forward.”

“If we take on that mentality, we won’t be left behind in the dust,” said McBarnes. “I want Frankfort to thrive.”

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