Memories Made in Flora Today at Touch a Truck-Touch a Plane

Rosie’s Creamery ran out of Pulled Pork and Hot Dogs at the First Annual Flora Airport “Touch-a-Truck, Touch-a-Plane” Open house presented by the Flora Airport Board Saturday.

Free airplanes were given to children until supplies ran out and some children flew for the first time in their life, making memories sure to last a long time.

Flora Airport is located one mile west of Flora on 150 West in Carroll County.  The airport is known for its high quality turf runway and serves several aviators and is also a public use airport suitable for training operations on a grass runway environment.

The Fly-in, Drive-in was free and open to the public to celebrate aviation and provide a real-world aviation experience for the Children of Flora, Carroll County and the surrounding area.  A highlight of the event also included the ability to climb up inside a large modern tractor, Flora fire engine, EMT vehicle and kids were invited to sit inside airplanes flying and on display.

One plane flying and on display was a 1941 BC12-65 Taylorcraft two seater restored by Jeweler Jim Ellis as a 12 year project.

The event lasted four hours, from 10 am to 2 pm.

Watch a Video produced by Erick Dircks below. All pictures by Erick Dircks or Patty Keaton Parks.

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Young man in red t-shirt took his very first airplane ride ever at the Flora Touch-a-Truck, Touch-a-Plane Fly-in Openhouse Saturday.


A Powered Parachute was flown and on display at the Flora Airport event.


Taking the Jabiru for a test drive! Young aviator gets to sit in the Jabiru 230 SP airplane capable of cruising at 137 MPH.


Children get to choose an airplane to take home with them. The airplanes were a gift from the Flora Airport Board.


Let go! Sitting in the Pilot’s seat of a Pegasus Powrachute 65 Horsepower 2 seater aircraft. Cruise Speed is 28 MPH.


Touch a Truck, Touch a Plane up close and personal at the Flora Fly In.


Note the Flora Fire Engine in the background. Children enjoyed inspecting planes, fire trucks, tractor and Emergency vehicle on display.


Aviator explains his aircraft to a young man attending the event.


Touch a Truck-Touch-a-Plane event brought machines that serve people in the Carroll County Community to life.


Two Flora Airport Board members demonstrate the Powerachute Pegasus aircraft to attendees.


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