Michigantown Gym Recognized

A group of individuals got together this week to honor the restoration of the Michigantown Gym. Former I-U great, Kent Benson was on hand to speak about basketball and the difference small communities can make when they come together for projects like this. Denny Shoup is with the Lions Club and says this project has been in the works for a while and he is happy to see it now put to good use. The gathering was spearheaded by local resident Leroy Goode, who recently turned 101 years old.


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  1. Was good to read this story about the Gym I am a 1951 Grad. In the spring of 51 we had phys ed ( gym) class out side and chose up sides for softball game. I bat left handed. Morris Fausett was pitching, I hit the first pitch through the end window of the Gym,Wilber Rule “said great going Burns”

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