Mink Wins Caucus For County Council

Clinton County Republican Party Chairman Jim Moyer has told WILO News Joseph (Joe) Mink of Rossville was voted in at a special caucus Saturday morning. This is for the position of Clinton County Council District 3. Mink beat Lewis Wheeler who was also vying for the position.

Another caucus is coming up soon in Clinton County. On February 5th, appointees will vote for a new County Commissioner with the resignation of Mark Timmons.


  1. Is there anyway that Frankfort can get away from the good ol’ boy system ? Is there anyone outside the county that want to help besides Joe mink, mark Mitchell, etc. these people had their time and should have a fishing pole on hand. Let someone else, like a fresh face, come in and help. Am I alone here ?

      • That is a negative ghost rider. You have to kiss the appointed officials behind and live in the selected district. It’s not an election just the good ol boys get to vote. My grandfather John “doc” mcclain was part of the good ol’ boy system 40 to about 25 years ago and nothing has changed. This was my point

  2. It was open to anyone in the District and only 2 people put in for it. I hear this all the time and then when there are openings no one applies.
    In that case I would say experience matters.
    There is currently a Commissioner seat open and currently only 2 have applied, with all the “we need new people” there should be a ton of candidates but there is not.
    fyi only

    • I, personally, would have voted for Lewis Wheeler but I am not allowed to vote In a caucus. Mr. Wheeler is a fresh face but the good ol’ boy system wins. Frankfort is not going to improve if this keeps on.

      • Mr. McClain,

        The caucus held last weekend for County Council was for Council District 3 which includes Warren, Owen, Ross (including Rossville), Madison (including Mulberry), Washington and Center (not including Frankfort) Townships. The upcoming caucus for County Commissioner is for Commissioner District 1 which includes Owen, Ross (including Rossville), Madison (including Mulberry), Union and Washington Townships. Neither include(d) candidates from Frankfort. Additionally, candidates from outside the county would not qualify.

        As a republican precinct committeeman representing precinct 15, I will have a vote in the upcoming Commissioner caucus. I have this vote because I ran for republican precinct 15 committeeman in the 2020 election. Elections for precinct committeeman are held every four years. If you would like to play a part in making decisions such as these I would encourage you run for precinct committeeman of your precinct in 2024.

        If you are unhappy with the way things are handled in local government, please feel free to get involved.

        • Mr. light ,
          That is a negative. I used to live in the county and decided to leave the county and will never be back. I used to live there and my patience wore out. Sincerely , Thank you for being a fresh face I was referring to. I can see there is some hope on the horizon. Good luck brother.

  3. Your original comment says “anyone outside the County that wants to help”, we are 100% on the same page, SAME PEOPLE STEPPING UP to “help” (your word) and serve their community. I would like to THANK those that willingly step up and continue to do so in spite of all the negative talk. You say “good ol’ boys” , well thank goodness for them I am sure they would prefer a fishing pole but somehow they choose to continue serving their community!

    • On a positive note , TPA park is a gorgeous park with the lights, zoo, and the upkeep, once the construction is done.. 28 is going to look amazing , ivy tech ( never thought we would have a community college downtown), prairie creek park, just to name a few. I agree with everyone when there is negative talk regarding Frankfort. I would like to say thank you to Judith sheets , Scott shoemaker, sheriff rich Kelly, parks department, street department. They do an amazing job.
      Keep up the great work.

  4. Looks like the republican party is scratching the bottom of the barrel to find people for their appointments. Look like they should have learned from the Brewer appointment. And what ever happened to the conflict of interest policy. I guess people that are qualified don’t want the job so the party has no choice but to take the ones that applied.

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