New Clinton County EMS Facility Unveiled Near Boyleston

The new Clinton County EMS building is pictured from the outside.

Clinton County EMS unveiled its newest facility at an open house Saturday afternoon at 177 South State Road 29 or about a half mile from the turnoff at the intersection of State Roads 28, 29 and 421.

“We now have the east side of the county, the west side and the middle section that included Frankfort covered now by a 24-hour ALS ambulance,” said Clinton County EMS Director Greg Miller. “I think they did a great job with planning the building and the construction has been great. I think it’s going to be a huge asset for this part of the county.”

The new facility has one bay for an ambulance and room for at least two individuals for personnel, which is expected to be taken care of around mid-October.

“There was discussion about building an extra bay,” said Miller. “Right now, we don’t have another ambulance to go in.”

Miller said the facility cost less than $500,000.

“I think listening to the people who live in the area, they were depending upon an ambulance coming from Frankfort that had a medic on it,” said Miller. “Now, the time is now cut down six to eight minutes which is a huge amount of time in EMS.”


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